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K-Town 2023 dates

It’s true – we’re back in business. Save the date for another edition of K-Town Hardcore Fest! Read here if you/your band are interested in playing at the fest.

Ticket information

Don’t have a ticket for K-Town yet? Don’t worry! We are selling a limited amount of 3-day tickets when we open on Friday, and we will also be selling 100 one-day tickets each day. Lastly you can always sign-up as a volunteer and help out… Read More »Ticket information

Art at K-Town 2022

We are absolutly thrilled to premiere the fifth edition of PUNK POSTERS by Ximena Ortiz at this years’ K-Town Hardcore Fest 2022! Developed and printed in Bogotá, Colombia, in the Mala Influencia workshop, since 2018 it has been published annually with the collaboration, so far,… Read More »Art at K-Town 2022

Camping info 2022

Since we can’t accomodate our guests at the house/venue we’ve teamed up with Bellahøj Camping again this year. It’s only a short walk from Ungdomshuset and our guests with a 3-day festival bracelet will get a discount onf 18 DKK per night! When using Bellahøj… Read More »Camping info 2022