What is K-Town Hardcore Fest?

Three days of punk and hardcore devastation – 14th-16th of June 2024

2022, by Piotr Królikiewicz

Line-up 2024

First handful of bands have been announced – check it out here!

Bike Wars 2019, by Peter Orsin

Bike Wars and Punx Picnic

Interested in knowing more about Bike Wars and what it is?


Our history

Read about the history and K-Town Hardcore Fest.


Here we have gathered some of the most common
questions that we get about K-Town Hardcore Fest.

K-Town Hardcore Fest is held at Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ungdomshuset is a collective, community center and venue with a long history and ties to the international punk and anarchist and D.I.Y. movement(s).

You can read more about our venue here.

Guidelines and safe space policy

Ungdomshuset has five ground rules that we expect all our our guests to uphold.
– No hard drugs(!).
– No violence.
– No racism.
– No sexism.
– No heterosexism/homophobia.

We do not tolerate the following things/behaviours either
– Don’t be a creep!
– Respect other people’s boundaries.
– No means no.

We want our guests to feel and be safe and to have a good time when they visit. If you experience any house rules being broken please get in touch with our Door Crew or Info Point at the festival! We take this matter very seriously and will deal with it accordingly.

Anyone doing/acting out any of the above mentioned things will be kicked out of the festival and their wristbands cut so they can’t re-enter!

Ticket info

Ticket sale for K-Town Hardcore Fest 2024 has not begun!

– The majority of the tickets will be sold via Billetto (as pre-sale tickets).
– Pre-sale tickets = three-day-tickets.
– Around 300 three-day-tickets will be sold at the door during the festival.
– 100 one-day tickets will also be sold at the door every day.
– One-day-tickets can only be bought at the door/festival entry.

Prices for 2024:
3-day-tickets (450 DKK / 60 Euro)
100 1-day-tickets
(Friday + Saturday: 200 kr // 27 € – Sunday: 100 kr // 14 €)

Billetto sucks and I don’t have a credit card.

We know. But we can’t help you.
Get in touch with Billetto’s support.

We also can’t reserve tickets for you.

Sleeping and accommodation?

Neither accommodation or camping is possible in or around Ungdomshuset. We are sorry about this!

For the last many years we’ve had agreements with Bellahøj Camping, which is quite close to Ungdomshuset, that gives our guests a daily discount.

When staying at Bellahøj camping, please respect the following things.

Photo policy?

It’s great that you want to document the scene and K-Town, but please remember to not take random pictures of people without asking.

Filming or taking pictures of bands is ok – but it’s nice to ask the bands too.

Want to document K-town for media purposes? Buy a ticket and ask at the Info Point :)

Parking my car?

Please DO NOT park near Ungdomshuset!
We need that space for our neighbors and touring bands.

You will simply have to find somewhere else to park.

My band wants to play!

Read more here.

Can I bring my dog?

Absolutely fucking not!

Broken glass, drunk punx and loud music is a bad combo for your four-legged friend:
– Pets are not allowed at the festival grounds.
– Don’t chain your pet outside the festival grounds either.

Accessibility for people with disabilities?

– The main festival areas are accessible for people using wheelchairs and walkers.

– Though it might be difficult to navigate our courtyard due the sheer amount of people – obviously we encourage all of our guests to be aware of their surroundings and to show respect and common decency towards our festival guests.

– Both concert halls are accessible via ramps, but the backstage areas (for bands and volunteers) have many stairs and steps unfortunately.

Can I bring my own drinks?

Please don’t. Support Ungdomshuset and K-Town by buying your drinks at the venue.

We will be selling various kinds of beers, sodas, cocktails and other beverages. Alcoholic as non-alcoholic.

Do you accepts credit cards or foreign currency?

K-Town Hardcore Fest is a cash only event.
Danish currency (DKK) is preferable, but euros (€) are ok.

How do I join Bike Wars?

You just show up in the workshop during the festival.

Distros and merch sale

There will be a distro area at the fest, with records and merch from the performing bands.

If you run a punk label or have a distro and would like a spot, please get in touch via email. We’d like to know a bit about what you are selling and for how many days you need your spot (a maximum of three days) etc.

Please note that you still need to buy a festival ticket for the days you want to have your distro up (performing bands are excluded from this).

First Aid?

In case of first aid please go to our Info Point where our activists will be able to help or call an ambulance. Please take care of each other and reach out is someone is in need of help.

Food and more

We sell 100% vegan meals during the fest.

Our Info Point usually serves coffee and snacks and it is the core of the festival. If you need information or first aid, please come and talk to us here. We are here to help!

Local shopping opportunities: The venue is located in the city, and several shopping opportunities are nearby. Please no five-finger-discounts (!!) as we’d like to be on good terms with our neighbors.


K-Town is 1000% volunteer run and we can’t make this happen without you!!

Volunteer sign-up starts on the 1st of April and you can read more here.