Punx Picnic and Bike Wars

Punx Picnic is a social gathering with food, live punk rock, and as a finisher: Bike Wars!

On the Sunday of K-Town Hardcore Fest we invite you to join us for fun and good times in the city. So get out of your bed, and let Punx Picnic kill your hangover with a nice chill in the sun (great weather not guaranteed)!

We meet at Ungdomshuset and then walk, and rock, together, towards the designated location. For the past couple of years Punx Picnic has taken place at Blågårdsplads, in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. Maybe it will again? Stay tuned for updates.

Bike Wars 2011 poster
Bike Wars 2014 poster
Bike Wars 2017 poster
Bike Wars 2018 poster by Pogger
Bike Wars 2022 poster by Adam O

Bike Wars

What is Bike Wars?

Imagine a mix of Robot Wars, Mad Max, Demolition Derby and medieval jousting – but with bikes and punx! In short we build bikes out of scrap metal and old bikes, and ram them into each other for pure enjoyment. Yeah, we know, we’re insane!

Bike Wars is a free event during K-Town Hardcore Fest and everyone can sign up and partake in the mayhem. If you want to take part in Bike Wars as a competitor, just show up at the workshop during the festival and sign up! Simple as that.

At the workshop you can build your own tall-bike, or the craziest, most rusty monster-bike, or borrow your neighbors’ bike and compete in the two wheel joust-competition, and maybe win!!

Bike Wars 2012 by Mette Kramer