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Virus Weekend II tickets go live tomorrow!

Remember! Tomorrow, the tickets will go up for sale at 12.00! 

Like last year, we will have limited tickets – so get yours before they sell out! We won’t be selling tickets at the door this year, sorry.

The good news is that we will be able to have indoor concerts with standing audiences, instead of the seated outdoor event we did last year.

To enter the festival area, we require that you show one of the following. Either a

  • negative Covid-test (less than 72 hrs old) or
  • proof of vaccination or
  • proof of immunity (from a previous infection).

Testing is free in Copenhagen for everyone (including tourists and non-citizens), so you can go get tested before the festival opens.┬áThere’s a testing center close to Ungdomshuset, at Birkedommervej 43, 2400 Copenhagen NV.

The rest of the tickets will be sold later in July and in August.