K-Town Virus Weekends

Dear friends, 

It is time for us to give an update on the current situation and we will start out hard by ripping off the bandaid: There will be no K-Town Hardcore Fest 2020!

Despite how sad and frustrated we are with this, it is unfortunately not possible for us to organize such a big event with the current guidelines in Denmark, Europe and the rest of the world…
However 2021 is going to be a total banger as we already have a bunch of the bands from this year’s bill confirmed! BUT, before you all start crying in vain, we are planning something that will hopefully cheer you up – at least some of you.

We are planning on hijacking, not only one, but two of the weekends this coming September to make two smaller events outside in the yard of Ungdomshuset. “K-Town Virus weekend I & II”. We will of course be following all necessary guidelines for big events in Denmark when we do this. The guidelines might change/ease up before the dates of the festivals and maybe make it possible for us to release more tickets.
We will prepare the courtyard so that we can safely host these festivals, and even prepare for the fantastically unpredictable Danish “summer” weather.

The two festival weekends will be held on the 5-6th and 12-13th of September with 4-5 bands each day, plus DJ’s. Due to travel restrictions most bands will have to be from around here (i.e. local) and we can not wait to see some of the kick ass local bands that our scene has to offer! We will have to start early during daytime, as concerts have to be finished at 10pm. Do NOT write us any requests about playing, we got this!!

Please note that this will be something different than the K-town Hardcore Fest we are used to and the tickets will be super limited. We will, due to the situation, not release any tickets until one, maximum two weeks prior to the events. We will give you more updates about time schedules and specific guidelines as we get closer to the dates and have more information, so please do not write us with any questions about this, we are busy and also need a bit of vacation, all your questions will be answered.
We hope that you all understand that this decision is necessary to make, for everyone’s safety and due to the impossible task of getting bands here and hosting approximately 1000 people.

Yours truly,
The K-town Crew