Corona-pass info regarding K-Town 2021

With less than a week until the festival begins we feel the need to clarify some info regarding the Corona-pass and access for the fest.

When you arrive at Ungdomshuset you will be asked to show proof of EITHER vaccination or a negative test.

  • A PCR test has to be less than 96 hours old, a quick-test (or rapid test) has to be less than 48 hours old.
  • You can either show us a printout from a test facility or use the Covid-app from your own country, for the purpose.
    • Note: We ONLY check the validity of the pass and nothing else. We do not log or store any information on our guests.
  • All the EU Covid-apps are all valid. They usually have an international part you can switch on/off.

Testing facility close to the venue

If you come from a country that don’t offer free testing, we advise you to come early and visit the local test facility on Birkedommervej were you can get a free quick-test, even as a tourist. The testing facility is open everyday from 08-20.

Even if you are fully vaccinated and have a valid Covid-pass for that reason, we still encourage everyone that come to the festival to get tested before arriving. Due to the spread of the Delta variant among vaccinated people, affecting vulnerable individuals, we have chosen this approach. It is not a demand, but a request from us :)