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What is Bike Wars?

Imagine a mix of Robot Wars and Mad Max or Demolition Derby and medieval jousting – but with bikes and punx. Yeah, we know, we’re insane! We build bikes out of scrap metal and old bikes, and ram them into each other.

If you want to take part in Bike Wars as a competitor, just show up at the workshop during the festival and sign up!

At the workshop you can build your own tall-bike, or the craziest, most rusty monster-bike, or borrow your neighbour’s bike and compete in the two wheel joust-competition, and maybe win!!

Rules and categories for Bike Wars:

In general either knock your opponent off their bike or destroy the bike, making it immovable. But remember, we don’t like taking people to the hospital, so no pointy stuff.

  • Two wheels: No fucking rules!
  • Tall Bike: Jousting on wheels. Do not touch the ground – 3 strikes and you’re out!
  • Monster Bike: Three wheels or more on the ground at all times, your bike is your weapon.

Bike Wars 2012, by Mette Kramer Kristensen.
Bike Wars 2018 poster, by Pogger.

You can find more pictures of Bike Wars at our photo archive.

2022 Poster by Adam O.