Poster for Bike Wars 2018.

This year’s Bike wars will be taking place at Blågårdsplads June 17th starting at 14:00, with a demo going from K-town Hardcore Fest at Ungdomshuset from 13:00. There will be bands, bar, vegan food, DJ’s and crazy punks on bikes!

What is Bike Wars?
In short, Bike Wars is building insane bikes out of scrap metal, and ramming them into each other. It’s like robot wars. But with bikes. And real people. And punks. Yes we know, we’re insane.

So prepare for craziness, this is destruction derby for people without a driver’s license!

Join in at this year’s bikewars, build the tallest tallbike, or the craziest, most rusty monsterbike, or borrow your neighbor’s bike and compete in the two wheel competition, and win this years bikewars! The workshop will be open all days at K-town festival, located next to the entrance. We have scrap metal, bikes and building crew, but please bring cool materials if you find some!

There are a few rules, remember them!

Two wheels; no rules!
Tall Bike: 3 strikes – out!
Monster bike: minimum 3 wheels that touch the ground!
No pointy stuff. We don’t like taking people to the hospital.


Check out the Bike Wars Facebook page  for news and updates, or read more here.