K-Town is 100% volunteer run and without all our friends from around the world, we would never be able to do this project every year.

The chores that we typically need help with includes:

  • Bar shifts.
  • Kitchen shifts (cooking for activists and band members).
  • Snack Bar shifts (cooking food for guests).
  • Cleaning (sweeping, collecting empty bottles etc.).
  • Practical work (building and prepping before the festival).
  • If you live close enough to be able to attend (bi-)weekly meetings you can also join the K-Town Organisers crew to help with all the paper work, fundraising, band booking etc.

Please observe: We are unfortunately not able to offer any form of accomodation for our volunteers and guests – we simply don’t have the space for it!

If you have any questions about volunteering at K-Town please contact us at this email: ktownvolunteer@gmail.com.