We are a 100% volunteer-run festival and without all our friends from around the world, we would never be able to do this project every year.

The chores that we usually need help with includes:

  • Bar shifts.
  • Kitchen shifts (cooking meals for activists and bands).
  • Foodtruck shifts (serving/cooking simple meals for festival guests).
  • Practical work (building, prepping before the fest, and tearing down after the fest).
  • Bar shifts and cocktail bar shifts.
  • Cleaning shifts.

What do you get for volunteering:

  • If you do 2 shifts: free entrance for the 3 days of the festival. One meal and drink tickets for each shift.
  • if you do 1 shift: free entrance for the day you work, or one day of choice if your shift is on Thursday or Monday. One meal and drink tickets.

Please observe: We are unfortunately not able to offer any form of accommodation for our volunteers or guests, as we simply do not have the adequate space for it.

You can also join the K-Town Organizers crew if you want to help out with planning, paper work (there’s a lot of it), fundraising and band booking!
But NOTE that you have to able to attend (bi-) weekly meetings in Copenhagen for this.

If you have any questions regarding volunteering at K-Town, please contact us at: ktownvolunteer (at) gmail.com.