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On the last day of the festival we invite you to join us for fun and good times in the city center. So get out of your bed, and let Punx Picnic kill your hangover with a nice chill in the sun (great weather not guaranteed)! The Punx Picnic is a social gathering with food, punk rock, and as a finisher: Bike Wars!

Lots of our guests usually gather and meet at Ungdomshuset and then walk, and rock, together, towards the designated location. For the past couple of years Punx Picnic has taken place at Blågårdsplads, in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

KORP (swe) at Punx Picnic 2013
Lors Doukaiev at Punx Picnic 2017, by Su Cassiano.
Bike Wars & Punx Picnic 2017 flyer