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Getting here


Dortheavej 61
2400 Copenhagen NV

Public transportation in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has a pretty reliable (but busy) public transport system combining busses, regional trains, S-trains and Metro lines (Underground/Tube) for easy access of all of the City.
Tickets are ~24 kr (3,5 euro) for minimum two travel zones (which will give you access to almost all of the core/center of Copenhagen). A two zone ticket is valid for 1 hour.
Get more info on public transportation at DSB TRAINS or rejseplanen to plan your trip.

Arriving by car

Coming from Sweden/Malmö:
Follow signs leading to Copenhagen City Center (centrum). The street will eventually be called Kalvebod Brygge (it changes name right about when you pass a big shopping mall on your right side). Follow this street until it crosses Bernstorffsgade and take a left turn. At the second light crossing you take a right turn down Tietgensgade and then a left turn down H.C. Andersens Boulevard. This street changes name a few times to: Gyldenløvsgade, Åboulevarden, Ågade, Bispeengbuen and Borups Allé

When you reach a street called Hulgårdsvej (changes name to Tomsgårdsvej), you take a right turn and continue for about 1 km. until you see a Shell gas station on your left hand. Directly after the Shell station (and just before a Q8 gas station) you turn left down Dortheavej.
You will see the house on the left side as soon as you drive into Dortheavej.
There is parking space near the house.

Coming from Germany:
Follow signs leading to Copenhagen N and take the exit called Frederikssundsvej. Take a right turn towards “city center” and stay on this road for about 5 km.
When you reach a fire station on your right hand at an intersection, take a left turn down Tomsgårdsvej. 3rd road on your left hand is called Dortheavej right after a Shell gas station

Arriving by plane

There are several low budget airlines flying to Copenhagen and the Öresunds-region. Check out flights to Copenhagen International Airport Kastrup or Malmø Airport Sturup which is only an hour away by train/bus.

To get to the city from Copenhagen International Airport in Kastrup just take the train or Metro (underground) to the city. It only takes about 15 minutes. If you want to come directly to the venue get off at Nørreport St. and take bus 5C or 350S to Hulgårdsplads. From there it’s a short walk to Dortheavej 61.

Arriving by train

If you arrive by train you will arrive at Copenhagen Central Station. If you intend to go directly to the venue, ask the conductor whether the train continues to Nørreport St. If so, take the train one more stop and get off at Nørreport St. Otherwise jump on the S-train for two more stops and get off at Nørreport St. From there take bus 5C or 350S to Hulgårdsplads.

Arriving by bus

There are several low-budget bus companies driving to Copenhagen from Germany and Sweden. This is probably the cheapest way of getting here unless you get a good deal on a flight. The busses all arrive at either Kastrup airport or Copenhagen Central Station.

From Berlin:

Greyhoundbus (E-55)

From Sweden:

Greyhoundbus (route 999)