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Frequently asked questions

In this section we have gathered some of the most common questions that we get in regards to our festival.

K-Town Hardcore Fest is held at Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen, Denmark. Ungdomshuset is a D.I.Y. run collective, community center and venue with a long history and ties to the international punk and anarchist movement.
You can read more about our venue here.
For directions to the venue, read here.
We do not tolerate the following things/behaviours
  • Hard drugs.
  • Violence.
  • Racism.
  • Sexism.
  • Heterosexism/homophobia.
We want our guests to feel and be safe and to have a good time when they visit! If you experience the above mentioned house rules being broken (or stalking, sexual assault etc.) please get in touch at the Info Point at the festival! We take this matter very seriously and will deal with it accordingly.
  • Don't be a creep!
  • Respect other people's boundaries.
  • No means no.
Anyone doing/acting out any of the above mentioned things will be kicked out of the festival and their wristbands cut so they can't re-enter! Just ask for the people organizing the festival/conflict-solving group at the Info Point.

Flyer on our drug policy

Short answer: No.
  • We can't reserve tickets for you, and you can't buy one-day tickets online.
  • During the fest, we will be selling three-day tickets and one-day tickets at the door as well. The door sale starts Friday at 17 (5 pm), so we recommend getting here early. We usually sell around 300 3-three-tickets at the door, including 100 1-day-tickets each day.
Short answer: No.
  • We are aware that Billetto sucks for many of our foreign guests.
  • We are also aware that Billetto has increased their fees (again and again), each year we are looking into finding a new ticket provider, but this option is what works best for us.
  • We hope to fix this in the future.
For any questions regarding payment cards, connectivity issues, personal information, log-ins and accounts and more you need to contact our ticket provider and not us.
Sadly, we cannot offer any accommodation for our guests and camping isn’t possible in the surrounding area. Instead we recommend that you have a look at the following places:
  • Sleep in Heaven – Backpacker-type hostel in Nørrebro (5 min. by bus).
  • Bellahøj Camping - 1 km from the venue. For many years we've had an agreement with Bellahøj Camping meaning that K-Town guests with a 3-day festival bracelet, will get a discount on camping.
  • In 2022 our guests only pay 70 DKK/9,5 euro per night, whereas the normal price is 88 DKK/12 euro.
  • When using Bellahøj Camping please be aware of the following rules and guidelines:
  • It is okay to bring a camera to the fest, but please think about who or what you photograph/film, and don’t forget to ask the people you photograph - no means no. Also, think twice before posting photos on social media, as some people might not want their photo on public display.
  • Taking pictures of and filming performing bands is okay, but the same guidelines (may) still apply.
  • If you would like to film or take pictures for use in any media, you need to check with the Info Point at our fest. If you plan on bringing a big camera rig you should write us an email first.
  • Want to film/photograph for media purposes? Write us an email, but note that we don't do accreditation of any kind - you will have to buy your own festival ticket!
Parking of vehicles around the venue and on Dortheavej is reserved for our neighbors and traveling bands only, sorry! You'll have to find somewhere else to park your vehicle.
  • We sell 100% vegan meals during the fest. We intend for the different food options available at the fest to be delicious, varied and at reasonable prices. Previously we’ve had sandwiches, hot-dogs, burgers and a dinner plate for sale.
  • The Info Point serves coffee, snacks and (occasionally) sells festival merch. It is the core of the festival. If you need any kind of information, first aid or have experienced any kind of harassment, please come and talk to us here. We are here to help!
  • Local shopping opportunities: The venue is located in the city, and several shopping opportunities are nearby. Ask in the Info Point for more info, and please no five-finger-discounts (!!) as this can get us in trouble with our neighbors.
  • Absolutely not! Dogs are not allowed at the festival grounds.
  • Don't bring your dog and don't chain them outside the festival grounds either.

Flyer on our dog policy

  • The main festival areas are accessible for people using wheelchairs and walkers.
  • Though it might be difficult to navigate the courtyard due the sheer amount of people - obviously we encourage all of our guests to be aware of their surroundings and to show respect and common decency towards our festival guests.
  • Both concert halls are accessible via ramps, but the backstage areas (for bands and volunteers) have many stairs and steps unfortunately.
  • No. Please don't. Bringing a whole crate of beer or a bottle of booze is uncool.
  • Ungdomshuset's bar will be selling a range of cheap and affordable alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Previously we've also had a cocktail bar and a SxE bar - this is something we plan on having every year!
No we do not. Danish currency (DKK) is preferable, but euros (€) are ok.
  • You just show up in the workshop during the festival.
    • Most years the winner of Bike Wars has won tickets for next years festival.
  • For people needing first aid or medical help, please go to our Info Point and where our activists will be able to help or call an ambulance if that's needed.
    • Take care of each other and reach out is someone is in need of help.
  • There will be a distro area at the fest, with records and merch from the performing bands.
  • If you run a punk label or have a distro and would like a spot, please get in touch via email.
    • We'd like to know a bit about what you are selling and for how many days you need your spot etc.
  • Please note that you still need to buy a festival ticket for the days you want to have your distro up (performing bands are excluded from this).