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We start planning and booking bands for K-Town around the end of a year. We are not open for receiving band/booking requests until we have announced the dates for the next edition of K-Town – so don’t expect a reply from us if you email us before that.

Wanna be booked for K-Town? Read below!

  • Write a short email to
    • Include a brief description of your band and sound.
    • Include a link to Youtube, Bandcamp or Soundcloud. MP3’s are ok too.

Things to note:

  • Always contact us via email. We don’t read our messages on social media.
  • Don’t waste our – and your own – time: no need to include PR material or “profesional” reviews and quotes – we don’t read it anyway and we have enough material to go through as it is.
    • Please keep your email brief, short and to the point.
    • We don’t care about the amount streams/plays you’ve had on streaming platforms.
    • We won’t be booking your metal or metalcore band.
  • We are a non-profit DIY punk festival – always will be.
  • If you plan on touring around the festival dates and need an early answer, then get in touch with us well in advance and please mention that in your email!
  • One last thing: We are a punk/hardcore fest! Look at the previous line-ups and you’ll get an idea of the types of bands we book.