Third band announcement

Oakland-punx with riffs for fucking days, delivering bouncy speed and mid-tempo mosh with equal power. KHIIS feed you darkness through catchiness.

Khiis (US), by Albert Licano

New Blood turned veterans taking their hit-making and guitarwanking to the max. K-Town Hardcore – get on the dance floor!

Night Fever (DK)

AMENAZAS (Colombia)
The Colombian scene has truly been turning the heads of the hardcore punk world and AMENAZAS deliver the noisy goods with poser-crushing D-beat galore.

Amenazas (Columbia)

OND TRO (Denmark)
Slightly dark but severely catchy hardcore punk, with a strong emphasis on punk. Somewhere between Scandinavian melancholy and Midwest anxiety.

Ond Tro (DK), by Alexander Sjöberg

TRAU (Mallorca)
A lesson in raw, midtempo urgent as fuck hardcore from Mallorca. A forceful fist of agony, pain and hate aimed precisely by these punk surgeons.

Trau (Mallorca)

IRREAL (Barcelona)
A true representation of the dystopic raw hardcore we’ve come to know and love Barcelona for, ready to pummel you into the ground.

Irreal (Barcelona)