Fourth 2020 band announcement

With a global pandemic currently affecting the whole world, we assure you that we still hope to be able to do K-Town Hardcore Fest 2020. Here are new bands added to the line-up.

THE CONSCRIPTS (Canada/Colombia)

Marching rhythms and raging lyrics proving peace punk is not an empty trend.

The Conscripts at Ungdomshuset 2019, by Mathias Lodahl

LEPER (Sweden)

Boot-stomping UxÅ hardcore with just a bit of cleverness to spare.

Leper, by Richard Ström

APSURD (Serbia)

Pogoing, primitive and primal. Fresh and catchy Yugo-punk for the “new” millenium!


EGO (Germany)

Brand new international sinister dark punk pessimists promising no future.