Bike Wars

What is Bike Wars?

In short, Bike Wars is building cool bikes out of scrap metal, and ramming them into each other. It’s like robot wars and Mad Max, but with punx and bikes. Yes we know, we’re insane. But we’re guessing you’re a pretty crazy fella too!

So prepare for craziness, this is destruction derby for people without a driver’s license!

Join in at next year’s Bike Wars, build the tallest tall-bike, or the craziest, most rusty monster-bike, or borrow your neighbor’s bike and compete in the two wheel competition, and win next years Bike Wars!


There are a few rules, remember them!

  • Two wheels; no rules!
  • Tall Bike: 3 strikes – out!
  • Monster bike: minimum 3 wheels that touch the ground!
  • No pointy stuff. We don’t like taking people to the hospital.