The festival is 100% volunteer run and without all our friends from around the world, we would never be able to do this project. We will begin answering to volunteer sign-ups in April 2019.

The chores will mainly be bar shifts, cooking and cleaning shifts, but also practical work, such as setting up the festival area etc. We wont give you your exact chore before we get closer to the fest, but it would be nice to hear from you, so we have an indication of how many people are up for helping out.
If you have wishes for specific chores you wanna do or don’t want to do, we will do our best to meet your wishes.

You can also wait until you are here – and let the people in the Info Point help you find something to do.
Just keep in mind that spaces are limited…

Please observe: We are unfortunately not able to offer any form of accommodation for volunteers or guests.


K-Town volunteer form
Kitchen chores require cooking skills! 😉