Rules and guidelines

We do not accept the following
Hard drugs

These rules are the basic house rules for Ungdomshuset/K-Town Hardcore Fest! We want our guests to feel and be safe and respected when they visit the house and festival, so if you experience the above mentioned house rules being broken (sexual assault or similar) at K-Town, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at the Info Point! We take this matter seriously and will deal with it appropriately.

Anyone doing/acting out any of the above mentioned things will be kicked out of the festival! Just ask for the people organizing the festival/conflict-solving group at the Info Point – and if you have a preference to speak to someone of your own gender, just let us know.

Flyer on our dog policy
Flyer on our dog policy

No dogs – no masters!

Don’t bring your dog to the festival, they are not allowed on the festival grounds, and don’t chain them outside the festival either! :(
Drunk punx, spiky clothes, shattered glass bottles and loud music for three days is not a good environment for you four-legged friend to be in.