Food, drinks, etc…

The festival offers different food and beverage options, as well as infopoint, merch-sale and a distro area.


The infopoint is the nervecenter of the festival, and one or more of the festival groups members will be present at all times, except from 00.00 to 10.00. The infopoint serves coffee, snacks and sells festival merch.
If you need any kind of information, first aid or experienced any kind of harassment, come and talk to us.


The festival is vegan, meaning that all food served at the festival will be without meat, eggs and dairy. We intend for the different food options available at the fest to be delicious, varied and at reasonable prices. There will be both hot-dogs, burgers and a dinner plate for sale.
Food for guests will be served from a foodstall in the yard. Prices range from 15 dkk (2€) – 30 dkk (4,5€).

Bar prices

The bar is hosted by Ungdomshuset, and you can find both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages here, in the price range of 10 dkk (1,5€) to 25 dkk (4€).

It is allowed to bring a couple of your own beverage items to the festival site, but only a few pieces. Bringing a whole crate of beer or a bottle of booze is not cool.


There will be a distro area at the fest, with records and merch from the performing bands.

Local shopping opportunities

The venue is located in the middle of the city, and a lot of shopping opportunities are nearby. Ask in the infopoint for more info.