Important ticket info

Due to a huge interest, internationally as well as locally, we decided to make a set amount of 3-day tickets available online and in physical shops/venues in Copenhagen from the 27th of april, for those of you who wants to be sure of going to this years fest.

The prices
3 day ticket: 220 dkr // approx. 30 eur
One day ticket fri/sat: 90 dkr // 12 eur
One day ticket sun: 70 dkr // 9 eur

We’re amazed that so many has chosen to join the festival each year. We’re very grateful that we attract such a great and huge crowd – it means a lot! That said, many people can mean an overcrowded festival, which we want to avoid. Everyone should be able to see the gigs and have a good time!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us via