Poster archive

We’ve gathered posters, flyers, banners, pre-flyers from the early editions of K-Town, check them out below. This site will be updated as we find more of the old material.

The festival has gone through some name changes, as you can see. In 2001 it was called Copenhagen Festival initially, but changed name to K-Town Festival.

After Ungdomshuset was torn down by the city government, K-Town was rebranded as Shit Town and took place in Christania, Copenhagen. In 2011 the festival was named DIY Punk Fest, but from 2012 and onwards is has been called K-Town Hardcore Festival.

K-Town Festival 2001, the first edition of K-Town.
A pre-flyer for the 2002 edition of K-Town
2004 poster
2005 poster
2006 banner ad
2008. The first year of Shit Town, taking place in Den GrĂ¥ Hal in Freetown Christania
Bike Wars poster for DIY Punk Fest 2011.
2012. The first year of K-Town Hardcore Festival
Pre-flyer for the 2012 event
2013 banner ad
2014 Bike Wars poster
2014, Error
2014 poster with lineup, by Error
2016 pre-flyer
2017 poster, by Elena Biner
2018 poster, by Rafa
2019 poster, by Pogger