Corona virus and K-Town

Dear punk family,

The COVID-19 pandemic is roaming the earth, and at the moment, none of us know what the future looks like. All we know is that it looks different from the perspectives of all of you. For some, it is already up close and personal, and for others it still feels like a distant thing. No matter what your situation is, we are all worried – and we thought it was about time to share our thoughts and concerns for this year’s K-Town Hardcore Fest with you. 

We think that it is important to stay positive during times like these and have decided to go on with the planning of the fest, and do everything in our power to keep the event going. We are keeping our spirits high and, fingers crossed, that the worst will be over in a few months, opening up the borders and making it possible to host yet another edition of our favourite punk and hardcore festival, in a safe and responsible way, together with all of you: the international punk family!  It is important, in bleak times like these, to have something to look forward to, and we hope to be able to be just that!

We are however aware that the virus is spreading rapidly right now, leaving everyone insecure. Also, it is being handled very differently in different parts of the world, and the situation will therefore also develop in different ways. We are following official regulations and recommendations from the health authorities and are making our decisions based on that. It is too early at this point for anyone to be sure of the consequences for the world and for us, and therefore we will wait until the 1st of May to make a final decision of whether we can go on as planned or if we have to find alternative dates or ways for the fest to happen.
We will make announcements regarding ticket sales and volunteer signup in the coming weeks.

Until then: Please act responsibly, don’t panic, stay safe, wash your hands and stay out of big crowds!!

The K-Town Crew