Corona news about K-Town

Hi punx,

First off, sorry for the radio silence on our part!

We are still hoping to have K-Town 2020 in September, but at this point we simply do not know what is going to happen.

Denmark is slowly starting to open up again but social gatherings, festivals and concerts with more than 500 people are still banned/cancelled until the 31st of august. We were hoping for some more concrete information from the most recent press conference with the Danish health authorities, but unfortunately this is all we know at this point.

As everything is uncertain, we might have to scale down the 2020 version of K-Town, making it a two day fest or a less packed three day fest. We do not know, and that fucking sucks! But rest assured that we will let you know as soon as we know more! We are as anxious to get this show on the road as you are.

Volunteer sign-up and online ticket sale will be made available as soon as we know more about what is going to happen.

Hang in there and stay safe,
The K-Town Crew

P.S. While you are waiting, please support Ungdomshuset: