Punx Picnic and Bike Wars

On the last day of the festival we invite you to join us for the Punx Picnic and Bike Wars!

This year the event will take place at Blågårdsplads, in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Lots of our guests usually gather and meet at Ungdomshuset and then walk together towards the designated location.

Punx Picnic

Get out of your bed, and let Punx Picnic kill your hangover with a nice chill in the sun! The Punx Picnic is a gathering in the city center with food, punk rock, and as a finisher: Bike Wars!

What is Bike Wars?

In short, Bike Wars is building cool bikes out of scrap metal, and ramming them into each other. It’s like robot wars and Mad Max, but with punx and bikes. Yes we know, we’re insane. But we’re guessing you’re a pretty crazy fella too!

So prepare for craziness, this is destruction derby for people without a driver’s license!

You can be a part of the next edition of Bike Wars. Build your own tall-bike, or the craziest, most rusty monster-bike, or borrow your neighbor’s bike and compete in the two wheel joust-competition, and win!!

If you wish to participate for Bike Wars, just show up at the workshop during the fest.

There are a few rules for Bike Wars, remember them!

  • Two wheels; no rules!
  • Tall Bike: 3 strikes – out!
  • Monster bike: minimum 3 wheels that touch the ground!
  • No pointy stuff. We don’t like taking people to the hospital.