Band announcements round four

The K-Town Hardcore Festival crew are proud to announce the next group of bands that are playing at this year’s festival!!

PLANET Y (Denmark)

Rockin’ and melodic punk heaters from outer space. Like an imagined Scandinavian Dangerhouse-band with an extra dose of powerpop.

Planet Y (Denmark), by Inferno Photography

SURGE (Ireland)

Queer feminist D-beat-infused hardcore punx kicking against the pricks! Paint-peeling guitar noise intensity to match their message.

Surge (Ireland)


Fast and frantic hardcore! Like Koro, Deep Wound and Gauze thrown in the mix of more recent gooey punk craziness.

Nosferatu (US), by Shuttlecock Music


Thrashin’ and grindin’ hardcore punk with heavy metal attitude and tons of healthy aggression. Play fast or die!!

Kovaa Rasvaa (Finland), by Raphael Rodrigues

LARMA (Sweden)

A true treat for all TOTALITÄR-worshippers out there. New Skåne käng punk ripping like there’s no tomorrow!

Larma (Sweden)


Hardcore with a strong affinity for late 80’s youth crew. Bring your old Swatch X-Rated and mosh mosh mosh with the K-Town crew!

Direct Youth (Denmark), by Inferno Photography