May 2015 archive

A reminder: Dogs still not allowed

Please don’t bring your dog – for your own and the dogs sake. As previous years, we have a ban on dogs anywhere on the festival site, due to a lot of bad experiences. As well as not allowing dogs on the festival area itself, we won’t tolerate that people chain them just outside the …

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Practical info: Here’s where you can park your car

We’ve been asked by quite a few where you should park your car. Here’s an updated map, showing the best spots. Please avoid anywhere marked with red.

ATTENTION: Very important ticket info

We’re blown away by the interest there is for the festival. Thank you! We feel we have to be very clear on the ticket situation. The total amount of tickets available for pre-sale is 850 3-day tickets. In the door – and only in the door – there will be 100 one-day tickets per day. …

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