K-Town Hardcore Fest – 3 days of sonic mayhem

UNARM (jp) during K-Town 2018

K-Town Hardcore Fest, an annual 3-day punk and hardcore festival in Ungdomshuset, Denmark. The festival is 100% DIY and volunteer run! Use this site to keep yourself updated about the next edition of our festival.

Latest News:

Corona virus and K-Town

Dear punk family, The COVID-19 pandemic is roaming the earth, and at the moment, none of us know what the future looks like. All we know is that it looks different from the perspectives of all of you. For some, it is already up close and personal, and for others it still feels like a …

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Fourth 2020 band announcement

With a global pandemic currently affecting the whole world, we assure you that we still hope to be able to do K-Town Hardcore Fest 2020. Here are new bands added to the line-up. THE CONSCRIPTS (Canada/Colombia) https://byllepestdistroofficial.bandcamp.com/album/bpd046-s-t-lp Marching rhythms and raging lyrics proving peace punk is not an empty trend. LEPER (Sweden) https://leperhc.bandcamp.com Boot-stomping UxĂ… …

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