K-TOWN HARDCORE FEST – A three-day-festival of sonic mayhem

UNARM (jp) during K-Town 2018

Welcome to K-Town Hardcore Fest, an annual 3-day punk and hardcore festival in Ungdomshuset, Denmark. The festival is 100% DIY and volunteer run! Use this site to keep your self updated about the next edition K-Town Hardcore Fest.

Latest News:

Band announcements round four

The K-Town Hardcore Festival crew are proud to announce the next group of bands that are playing at this year’s festival!! PLANET Y (Denmark) https://planetypunk.bandcamp.com/ Rockin’ and melodic punk heaters from outer space. Like an imagined Scandinavian Dangerhouse-band with an extra dose of powerpop. SURGE (Ireland) https://surgepunx.bandcamp.com Queer feminist D-beat-infused hardcore punx kicking against the …

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Third band announcement

KHIIS (US)https://lavidaesunmus.bandcamp.com/album/bezoar-lpOakland-punx with riffs for fucking days, delivering bouncy speed and mid-tempo mosh with equal power. KHIIS feed you darkness through catchiness. NIGHT FEVER (DK)https://nightfeverhc.bandcamp.com/New Blood turned veterans taking their hit-making and guitarwanking to the max. K-Town Hardcore – get on the dance floor! AMENAZAS (Colombia)https://amenazas.bandcamp.com/The Colombian scene has truly been turning the heads of …

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