K-TOWN HARDCORE FEST: 3 days of DIY punk and hardcore!

UNARM (jp) during K-Town 2018

Welcome to K-Town Hardcore Fest, an annual 3-day punk and hardcore festival in Ungdomshuset, Denmark, strongly rooted in the DIY punk movement. On this site you will soon be able to find all info on the 2019 edition of the festival, such as programme and tickets, as well as photos, videos and more on the past years.

Latest News:


CALLING ALL PUNX, ART FREAKS AND WEIRDOS! Do you want to be in charge of the poster art for this year’s festival? Want to see your artwork and design immortalized on t-shirts and merch fashioned by punx from all over? Then you’re in luck! This year we want YOUR great ideas for our poster and …

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Booking for K-Town 2019

K-Town Hardcore Fest is a DIY, volunteer run punk and hardcore festival. If you want to play, send us a booking request to our email ktownhardcorefest@gmail.com and write a few words about your band and remember to attach some songs for us to listen to, or include a link to a free and easy accessible …

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