K-Town Hardcore Fest – 3 days of sonic mayhem

UNARM (jp) during K-Town 2018

K-Town Hardcore Fest, an annual 3-day punk and hardcore festival in Ungdomshuset, Denmark. The festival is 100% DIY and volunteer run! Use this site to keep yourself updated about the next edition of our festival.

Latest News:

Thanks for a great festival, K-Town 2019 is over

K-Town Hardcore 2019 is over, Ungdomshuset has been cleaned and we will hibernate for a few months until this starts all over again. A big thank you to all the bands who played incredible intense shows and a big thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the festival possible, last but not least, …

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Full program for K-Town Hardcore Fest 2019

Organizing this festival is a major puzzle and we are finally ready to publish the full program, see more below!! Friday 12:00 Volunteer check-in opens12:00 Bike Wars workshop opens17:00 Ticket sale, Info Point and Festival Area opens19:00 First band plays in Salen/the Big Hall, Snack Bar and Cocktail Bar opens. 19:00 CESSPOOL (dk)19:45 EKE BUBA …

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