K-Town Hardcore Fest – 3 days of sonic mayhem

UNARM (jp) during K-Town 2018

K-Town Hardcore Fest, an annual 3-day punk and hardcore festival in Ungdomshuset, Denmark. The festival is 100% DIY and volunteer run! Use this site to keep yourself updated about the next edition of our festival.

Latest News:

K-Town Virus Weekends

Dear friends,  It is time for us to give an update on the current situation and we will start out hard by ripping off the bandaid: There will be no K-Town Hardcore Fest 2020! Despite how sad and frustrated we are with this, it is unfortunately not possible for us to organize such a big …

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Webshop + compilation cassette

We’ve decided to make a webshop to sell off merchandise and left over stock from the previous year’s festivals. Check it out below! https://ktownhardcorefest.bigcartel.com/ Do note that we are currently taking pre-orders for our Ungdomshuset benefit compilation tape. The corona pandemic and us (maybe) not being able to have a K-Town this year means that …

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